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Odd Birds

Craft Cocktails & Odd Bites

at Milagro On 12

Craft Cocktails & Bites


We are a new bar concept where the rule is oddness in a relax and chill environment.  Looking to promote the art of craft cocktails  and showcase the industry professionals willing to show their skills.

artisan spirit collection

Creating emphasis on gathering an artisan spirit collection from North and South America, to Asia and everything in between.  As well as a wine and beer selection to please all tastes.

Located in
the heart
of the city

Odd Birds is located in the heart of St. Augustine's Old Town.  Bringing locals and tourists alike a taste and show unlike any other.  Don't miss out on this experience.  Remember, our rule is oddness!


Craft Cocktail creation is an art in itself.

Odd Birds strives to showcase the talent and diversity of the field of craft cocktails by bringing bartenders from different cities for the "Bartender Diplomacy Nights" or hosting different "Guest Bartenders" regularly.  With use of a wide variety of spirits from all over the world and producing a high quality, fresh and innovative product.  Odd Birds has a new menu with new spirits, wine and beer very often.  

Let the cocktails embrace every culture and let the bartenders be the ambassadors through their craft.  Visit us soon for a unique experience!

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Our story begins in a quaint small town

Cocktail Capital mastermind joined forces with two other business entrepreneurs and created a new bar concept which showcases the art of craft cocktails and the talent and diversity brought by the professionals in this area.  Odd Birds also brings a variety of small bites of eclectic fare to accompany these special spirits.  It has an eclectic atmosphere and provides a chill and relaxing backdrop to the art of making fresh and small batch cocktails.  Bringing something new and refreshing to the scene in our quaint small town of St. Augustine, FL.


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